Chainging Gears is a family owned business. It is owned by a brother sister combination and is based in central Indiana. This team is part of a closely knit family that has owned multiple, successful businesses over the years.

The origin of the multi-passenger pedal bike business came from the Netherlands in 1997 for use in a parade.  Since then, the bikes have become so popular that now there are several manufacturers with different options and styles of bikes.  Our bikes are fully customized/modernized with several safety features (not standard on all bikes) such as a platform for ease of entry/exit, automotive designed brakes and electric assist (designed to assist weaker or handicapped passengers, or in case of emergency).

Chainging Gears is an outdoor entertainment and education tours company located in Indiana that rents and operates fifteen-passenger bikes that are powered by the pedaling of their riders, with optional assistance from an on board electric motor. Chainging Gears bikes provide a revolutionary, eco-friendly transportation alternative for exploring the neighborhoods of the city while socializing, enjoying the outdoors, participating in fun onboard activities, learning experiences and staying fit. During a tour, passengers pedal between 3-4 local destinations, including pubs, craft breweries, restaurants, coffee houses, shopping boutiques, parks, art galleries, museums, and local events/attractions. Every tour/ride is staffed with a trained driver and/or a host/hostess who are responsible for ensuring the fun and safety of passengers during the ride. Each ride/tour provides a unique creatively programmed entertainment or education service for the riders, such as bachelor & bachelorette party, birthday party, pub crawls, tailgating tour, business meeting/team building tour or scavenger hunt.


There are many videos on the internet that associate multi-passenger bikes with drinking. That is unfortunate because 15 passenger bikes can support a wide variety of entertainment and education applications. Companies such as Chainging Gears, operating in Cincinnati Ohio, are promoting their tour bike as a new, unique and environmentally correct way to explore and tour a city for visitors and local residents alike. With this modern, multi-purpose 15 passenger bike, we will offer a wide variety of tours to a wide variety of audiences including, but not limited to, alcohol related tours and educational tours. Chainging Gears will create a brand that will differentiate itself from similar tour businesses and become the preferred brand for creative, tailored and fun-filled tours.

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