Hours of operation

Sunday through Saturday 10am - 10pm


Weekdays $31 + tax (per seat)
Weekends $32 + tax (per seat)

For large parties or promotions, please call 513-428-2453


1.    Everyone must sign a waiver or have one signed by a legal guardian (NO EXCEPTIONS). Download and print the waiver above.

2.    Everyone must have a valid drivers license, Photo ID or form of identification that meets approval.


3.    Everyone must comply with any & all request made by the driver or host. These are for the safety of everyone aboard as well as pedestrians and other motorists.


4.    Everyone must meet the age and weight restrictions set forth for safety of all concerned.

5.    All riders must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol and must comply with all local and federal laws.

6.    Everyone must be respectful and courteous to other riders period.

7.    Everyone must also observe local laws, rules and regulations while aboard Chainging Gears bikes.


8.    ALL minors 16 years of age and under MUST wear a helmet unless their legal guardian signs a waiver (waiving their right/obligation to do so).


9.    There is no smoking, electronic cigarettes or “vaping” on the bike(s) or within 10 foot of the bike parameter.


10.  All drinks containing alcohol must remain on board and are to be consumed from cups provided. No glass containers are permitted.


11.  The rider assumes all responsibility for boarding the bike(s) in a timely manner. Showing up late at the start of the tour or tardiness returning at the stops made during the tour may result in the bike(s) departing without you on board and if this happens no refund will be given.


12.  Guidance by the host or driver must be followed at all times. The driver makes all final decisions. 



Any violation or non co-operation with any of these guidelines can result in immediate expulsion from the bike and from the tour they may be on at that time. This will result in no refund of any kind and possible additional charges for any damages (physical or other) caused by their actions.


Chainging Gears will gladly work with you to change the date and time of your tour to accommodate your needs. However, if this cannot be accomplished and you choose to cancel completely, the cancellation policy is as follows: 


    1. 14 days or more in advance  full refund (less 10% cancellation charge).
    2. 7 days up to 13 days in advance – 50% refund.
    3. 72 hours up to 6 days- can reschedule tour.
    4. Less than 72 hours in advance – no refund. 



If we have to cancel a tour because of bad weather or something beyond our control, we will reschedule you at your earliest convenience. If this is not possible you will receive a voucher that can be used for up to 6 months (or within the remainder of the calendar year, whichever ends first).