questions & answers

  1. How Many People Can Ride The Bike?

       Each bike holds up to 15 passengers

   2. What Do I Need To Bring?

       You and a photo ID.  You can also bring some beverages of your choice, as laid out in our alcohol policy (no glass containers). Well, you can bring that and 14 of your best friends.


   3. When Do I Sign The Waiver?

       We have 3 options available. You can sign electronically, and we can forward you the link to the waiver upon booking a tour. You can print the waiver from our website, sign and bring with you. Or we have paper copies available upon arriving at the bike. 


   4. What Is The Age and/or Weight Restrictions?

       With anything there are limitations.  You must be 12 years of age (with parent or guardian signing a waiver on your behalf) to ride and young enough to be in such physical condition to ride.  Each rider must not exceed 300 lbs. (not our rule – this is one from the manufacturer put in place for your safety)


   5. How much alcohol can I bring or drink on the bike?

       That is a very good question. The answer is 36oz of beer or 18oz of wine is the limit set forth by law (per person of legal drinking age). And no if the guy next to you doesn’t drink all of his – you can’t make up for it.


   6. Do I Need To Be In Good Condition To Ride?

       If you can pedal a bike, maintain balance in your seat and handle an extremely good time, then you are ready to go!


   7. How Long Does The Ride Last?

       Each tour generally lasts approximately 2 hours with 3-4 recreational stops (because of the fun factor, they’re sure to seem much shorter).


   8. What Time Should I Arrive?

       It is important to be there 15-20 min before the tour starts.


   9. Where Will Our Tour Be Going?

       That is entirely up to you (the riders). We have several tours already designed. You can choose from those or can design one of your own from a list of a la carte stops (Offering Chainging Gears only food/drink specials) that we have chosen to maximize your fun (Menu please!).


  10. What Music Do You Play?

       This is up to you! We will have a variety of music selections and if you prefer to bring your own, we will have Bluetooth capability but only one person on the bike gets to “DJ” at a time. So, make sure you sign the group up so it’s yours!!


  11. Is This Dangerous?

       Everything has some level of risk. This is not an exception. We have gone to great measures to offer a safe tour, such as lowered entry platform for ease of entry/exit and helmets for each rider.


 12. Do We Get To Drive The Bike?

       No, there will be at least one fully trained driver on board the bike for you to ensure the safest ride possible.  You do get to provide the “pedal power” though.


 13. Are Drinks Included?

       No, but you are welcome to bring your own (see guidelines in policy or above).


 14. What happens if our group remains later at stops than planned or arrives late for the tour?

       It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure that ALL tours depart and arrive on time. If you have rented the entire bike, stops can be adjusted as long as the bike is back in time for our next tour. If you haven’t rented the entire bike, then the bike may be forced to leave without you. All driver decisions are final.

 15. What Happens If It Rains, Snows, Hails Or Just Plain Looks Ugly?

       We will go on with the tour unless you hear from us. If it is thundering, lightning or anything that would truly put our riders at risk, we will advise you that the ride is postponed and work with you to select a day and time to reschedule.


 16. Where Do I Park?

       Discounted parking is available adjacent to our garage at $5 per vehicle (voucher must be purchased from Chainging Gears upon arrival and placed on your dash in a visible location) or street metered parking is available and is free after 9pm. Our address is 122 West Court St/Elkins Alley in downtown Cincinnati. A map of the location can be found here!


 17. Is There An Opportunity For Franchising?

       Yes! We offer purchase of bikes only or complete startup packages. Please contact the GM at 513-428-2453


 18. Can We Purchase Chainging Gears Merchandise

      Yes! We have hats, koozies, tumblers and t-shirts! Call us at 513-426-2453 to purchase!